HNF_TRIADlogo-cropped HNF developed the Therapeutic Research in Accelerated Discovery (TRIAD) as a collaborative effort with academia, government and industry, to develop treatments for CMT. Currently TRIAD involves many groups that span the drug discovery, drug development, and diagnostics continuum. The following briefly summarizes who they are and what they are contributing to help make TRIAD a reality.  


pragna-patelUniversity of Southern California (USC) – Dr. Pragna Patel, PhD. was funded by HNF to develop a CMT1A/1E high content screen (HCS) that has provided promising “hits” for further assessment.


hnf3University of California Davis – David Pleasure, MD. is funded by HNF to develop a CMT 2A mouse model that will be distributed through Jackson Laboratories. In addition, Dr. Pleasure will be testing therapeutic strategies to treat CMT in collaboration with Burke Institute under the direction of Dr. Raj Ratan. These treatments will cover small molecules and gene therapy approaches.

brett-langleydiana-willisBrett Langley Ph.D. and Diana Willis Ph.D., (Burke Medical Research Institute, Weill Medical College of Cornell University) are doing “Proof of Concept” studies on an in vivo mouse model with CMT 2A to come up with therapeutic approaches that have promise on other neuromuscular diseases.

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