Monthly Archives: August 2013

September is CMT Awareness Month – Help HNF Spread the Word

CMT Awareness month is here. This is our chance to get more people talking about CMT than ever before. At HNF we have dedicated our lives to raising awareness about CMT, so we’d like to spend the month sharing what… Continue reading

Mini Frittatas

Mini FrittatasBreakfast is my favorite meal of the day!  Smoothies made with fruits, veggies and protein are my go-to in the morning – more on that later.  It is a rare occasion when I actually take the time to cook something… Continue reading

Dr. Sean Ekins named C.S.O. of HNF

We are delighted to announce that after volunteering for HNF for the past year Dr. Sean Ekins, Ph.D, D.Sc. will officially become our CSO responsible for overseeing the TRIAD program, directing our scientific advisory board, and communicating our research initiatives… Continue reading

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