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School Accommodations for CMT

CMT Thrive Webinar

Presented by: Brooke Warren

Accessible College


Presented by: Annie Tulkin, Founder and Director of Accessible College

Dr. Gabrielle Ficchi

What are the key ingredients and practices for raising empowered kids with CMT? Dr. Ficchi is a licensed therapist with specialty areas of focus on individuals with disabilities.

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) 

NCLB seeks to ensure that all children have a “fair, equal and significant opportunity to receive a high quality education.” It requires that all groups of children make adequate yearly progress, including children with disabilities, and requires that teachers are highly qualified. Children taking standardized tests required by NCLB are entitled to the accommodations that are set forth in their 504 Plan or IEP. For kids with CMT, this might mean extra time on standardized tests or assistive technology.

Children’s Books

Arlene on the Scene

Arlene on the Scene & Arlene, the Rebel Queen, was written to raise much-needed awareness about CMT. The character and book were inspired by Grace Caldarone, a young girl living with CMT and facing each day with optimism, courage, and humor. Grace’s Mom Marybeth and her best friend and former Board Member, Carol Liu, co-authored the books. HNF has sold and donated over 5,000 books and has participated in “author days” at 15 schools supporting children living with CMT and other disabilities. We also offer a teacher’s guide!

Brace Yourself for Another Day

by Ginnell McDonald.

Peaches, the book’s main character, has muscular dystrophy and wears leg braces. She imagines a world without leg braces and eventually realizes how helpful her braces really are! She discovers the importance of being your best each day and celebrating the things that you can do.

Amazon Wishlist

HNF’s focus is to support people living with CMT and their families with critical information to improve their quality of life, and we are dedicated to finding treatments for CMT. We provide a strong organizational voice to those living with CMT worldwide.

The HNF team and supporters have curated an ULTIMATE wishlist of CMT-friendly products on Amazon to make life with CMT easier!

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Team CMT Kids

Founded in 2013, encouraging kids to stay active and proudly wear their Team CMTkids shirt to raise awareness and funds for CMT research.

Pediatrics and CMT

CMT, it starts in infancy and lays dormant in the body until one day the symptoms start to appear.

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