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Emotional & Mental health are not usually the first thing we think of when managing CMT symptoms, but they can have a profound effect on how we process the trials and tribulations of a progessive disease by providing both emotional and physical benefits.

Grief, uncertainty, dependence, pain and  isolation can sometimes feel overwhelming and spill into many facets of our lives including, relationships, careers, family, social lives, academics and more.

HNF knows firsthand as patients ourselves, the importance of providing valuable resources and tools for emotional wellness  to bring you closer to wellness.

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Dr. Gabrielle Ficchi

What are the key ingredients and practices for raising empowered kids with CMT? Dr. Ficchi is a licensed therapist with specialty areas of focus on individuals with disabilities.

Inspire™ Community Support

In 2009, HNF partnered with Inspire™, a social network for health, to launch a CMT online support community. Our Inspire™ online discussion and support group is so much more than a support group…it’s  an environment where it’s okay to open up about personal experiences and share sensitive health information securely.

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EmBrace It Podcast

Friends and CMT advocates, Lainie Ishbia from, and Estela Lugo from the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation, are real, raw and perfectly imperfect in their informal discussions about the trials and tribulations of living with disabilities.

Both women wear leg braces due to CMT and are passionate about helping others feel confident in their own skin.

Laine and Estela podcast

Trend-Able Blog

Lainie is a social worker, blogger, & highly regarded speaker with over 25 years of experience empowering adolescents & adults to embrace their imperfections, effectively communicate with others, and live confident & happy lives.

Lainie was born with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, a rare and progressive neuromuscular disorder that primarily affects her hands & feet. She understands first hand the impacts of disability on self-esteem & life satisfaction. As a teenager, Lainie struggled with extremely poor body image & low self-esteem, culminating in a suicide attempt followed months of intensive treatment at an inpatient psychiatric hospital at the age of 16.

Through her workshops, writing, & podcasts, Lainie’s dynamic personality, resourcefulness, humor, & positive energy shines through and is contagious. Whether you’re looking for stylish shoes to fit over leg braces, tips for ‘ discreetly balancing at a party, or hacks for applying makeup with hand weakness, Lainie & her website, Trend-Able, have you covered.

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