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CMT and Exercise

by | Jun 20, 2016 | 6 comments

exerciseHNF wants to help our Inspire members get answers to questions related to Charcot-Marie-Tooth.

One topic that has been addressed is exercise, stretching, and working out.

 Some CMT patients have reported yoga and water aerobics have been beneficial exercise for CMT.

 Remember to always check with your health care provider before you start a new exercise routine.

 When HNF partnered with the Inspire Community, our mission was to encourage conversations just like this one.

 Come join the conversation and many more with other CMT’ers and share your experiences with our Inspire community!

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  1. Collin Stoll L.Ac.

    I have CMT2C and I engage in Pilates, Yoga, water aerobics, elliptical and stationary bike doing HIIT for 20 minutes a session, walking with trekking poles for a total of 4-6 days a week. Core strengthening and stretching is key especially for balance and protection of weak knee and ankle joints. I highly recommend instructors familiar with neurodegenerative diseases and injury states, or are open and willing to learn in order to prevent injury and optimize health and function. Massage and/or OMT every other week, acupuncture once a week, cupping once a week, mindfulness practice daily, Nutritarian diet ( see Eat to Live), 500mg Meriva BID, Ubiquinol 200mg, Move free ultra, 1300mg Omega 3s, Chinese herbal formulas as needed keep me relatively pain free and living and working a full life. Disclaimer: I am a Acupuncturist and integrative health care provider with 18 years of clinical experience in a family health care ( MD ,DO) and physical medicine (DO PT) clinic, I may be a little biased.

    • Allison Moore

      Hi Collin,
      Thank you for posting. It would be awesome to connect via email or by phone. I can be reached at [email protected] HNF has a HCP Directory with a list of vetted out experts to support the CMT/IN community. We could discuss adding you to the list.

  2. Jamie

    Pilates!!! Its the best for my CMT! It builds my core muscles and helps with flexibility. Yoga is too hard from a balance perspective for me. Pilates allows me to strengthen muscles in a controlled manner.

  3. Barb

    Pilates has worked for me, but finding a class that works into my schedule and where I feel okay about accommodating to my needs has been a challenge. I know what I need to do; it is just getting myself to do it. I think that will be my goal for the next 3 weeks. 21 days makes things a habit, right? I have my list of exercises and stretches. All the ones I want to do or should do are on the floor, so I do not have to worry about balance on my feet. The stationary bike will also help. I will start with 30 minutes. Tonight I will start.

  4. Andy

    I have tried a lot of different things but the only thing that has had a significant effect on my muscles is weekly remedial deep tissue massage and accupuncture

    • courtney


      Thank you for sharing what works for you!


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