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rdrWe are excited to announce our new collaboration with Rare Disease Report (RDR) to increase awareness of Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) among the medical community. RDR’s website, e-newsletter, and print publication offers an independent voice for the Rare Disease Community. They strive to bring together medical, scientific, investment, regulatory, and advocate professionals interested in rare diseases and orphan drugs. Since HNF is focused on supporting and developing treatment options for CMT, this collaboration can be groundbreaking towards advancing CMT disease awareness.

Through this new alliance, HNF will expand its outreach to support our new Health Care Provider (HCP) education program, an initiative aimed at identifying expert HCP’s to support the CMT Patient Community. This program provides clinicians with additional tools to care for their patients such as best standard of practice guidelines, information on genetic testing, and patient assistance programs. In addition, HNF preferred HCP’s gain access to other preferred HNF CMT Providers to support the need for accurate diagnosis, supportive treatments, and other educational materials.

With the help of RDR, we will reach an audience of over 60,000 clinicians through their digital and print distribution channels. Throughout the year, RDR will produce video interviews with CMT experts and industry leaders on the diagnosis and management of patients with CMT, as well as provide insight about new research and clinical trials.

James Radke, PhD, Managing Editor of RDR said, “The rare disease community functions best when all parties are part of the conversation. We look forward to working with HNF and provide them with a means to expand their reach into the clinical population.” Click here to view the HNF-RDR Partnership webpage.

As HNF’s Founder & CEO, I firmly believe that it is clear that HCP’s are unaware of CMT, how to recognize the early symptoms, and how to manage this and related inherited neuropathies. HNF plans to change that!

Finally, HNF is asking the community to please reach out via email at [email protected] and share the HCP’s you would like us to be made aware of and why you would like to see them as part of the HCP directory. Please provide name, address, and phone number.