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CMT Presents: Cohost a CMT Presentation with HNF!

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About CMT Presents


Wish more people knew about CMT? What if there was a way to raise awareness and research support in a fun and engaging way?

HNF is proud to present “CMT Presents,” a virtual presentation series designed to spread awareness in the communities, companies, and groups closest to you!

A BIG Thank you to CMT Dad, Dennis for confounding our campaign and kicking off the first presentation at his company, Medtronic!

“I wanted to do a presentation on CMT at my company but wasn’t sure how to go about this. I reached out to HNF, and they were a fantastic partner. I don’t think it could have gone any better.” – Dennis S., Medtronic

Watch Dennis’ 2-Min Testimonial!

Interested in learning more?

Email: [email protected]

10 Reasons Why CMT Awareness is Crucial:


  1. Early Diagnosis: Increased awareness can lead to early diagnosis, allowing affected individuals to receive appropriate medical care and support at the earliest possible stage. Early intervention can help manage symptoms and improve the quality of life for people with CMT.
  2. Education and Understanding: Many people, including healthcare professionals, may be unfamiliar with CMT due to its rarity. Raising awareness helps educate coworkers, peers, the public, the medical community, and policymakers about the disease, its symptoms, and available treatments.
  3. Research Funding: Greater awareness can attract more attention and resources to CMT research. Increased funding for research can lead to a better understanding of the disease, potential treatments, and, eventually, a cure.
  4. Support for Patients and Families: Awareness initiatives can provide a sense of community and support for individuals with CMT and their families. Connecting with others who have similar experiences can be empowering and comforting.
  5. Information Dissemination: Presentations allow for disseminating accurate and up-to-date information about CMT, including its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, and the latest research developments.
  6. Community Engagement: Presentations allow community members to come together, learn about the disease, and share their experiences. This fosters a sense of solidarity and support among those affected by CMT.
  7. Healthcare Professional Education: Organizing presentations for healthcare professionals can increase their knowledge and understanding of CMT, leading to better diagnosis and care for patients.
  8. Fundraising Opportunities: During these events, you can raise funds for CMT research and support programs. This can help contribute directly to ongoing research efforts and improve the lives of those living with CMT.
  9. Advocacy and Policy Impact: Awareness presentations can inspire advocacy efforts to influence policymakers, healthcare organizations, and research institutions to prioritize CMT regarding funding and resources.
  10. Networking and Collaboration: Hosting presentations can bring together researchers, medical professionals, patients, and support organizations, fostering collaboration and creating a more coordinated approach to addressing CMT.

Remember that raising awareness is an ongoing effort, and sustained community engagement and involvement are key to making a difference in the lives of individuals living with CMT and advancing research toward better treatments and potential cures!

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