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Could CMT’s Awareness Campaign Begin with CMT (Country Music Television)?

Following the recent interview of country music star, Alan Jackson, with Jenna Bush Hagar on the TODAY Show where he revealed that he has balance issues related to his CMT, Prevention magazine contacted HNF for more information about CMT. HNF Founder, Allison Moore was quoted in the article: 

But there is hope for the future of the disease. “As a fellow CMT patient, I feel complete empathy for Alan Jackson and his struggles living with this disease for over a decade,” says Allison Moore, founder and CEO of the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation. “Today we stand proudly on the forefront of the first potential drug to treat CMT. We’ve never been more hopeful and excited to help the millions of CMT families like Alan Jackson’s live long and healthy lives.”

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There was an impressive and supportive social media outreach by people living with CMT thanking Alan Jackson for helping raise awareness of this disease with an awareness problem. The funny name and rare nature of CMT have been cited as potential reasons for the lack of knowledge about the disease, and many have been waiting for a well-known personality to bring awareness similar to the way Michael J. Fox has for Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig did for ALS. Isn’t it interesting that CMT’s awareness campaign may have just gotten its kick-start from a CMT star?!

This is an exciting time with lots of opportunities to support CMT research as more and more biotech and pharma companies are entering the marketplace to bring therapeutics to market to treat the many different types of CMT. Please consider making a donation to support research for your type of CMT today. (Donate button)

Credit: Prevention By: Arielle Weg