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  • Guided Meditation 
  • Work From Home Job Training & Placement
  • CMT & Telemedicine
  • Align with Happiness 
  • CMT & Capture Proof 
  • CMT & Genetic Testing 
  • Healing from the Inside Out 
  • CMT Resources with Inspire 
  • Dating & CMT 
  • How to Exercise in the Pool with Bernadette Scarduzio 
  • accessibleGO.com: A New Way to Travel with Disabilities 
  • Bemer Technology 
  • Panetta Physical Therapy 
  • CMT & Balance 
  • CMT & Your Nutrition 
  • CMT&Me App 
  • CMT & Exercise
  • ​​Mobi Mats
  • ​​Surgery & CMT
  • CMT & Finances 
  • Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center 
  • Active Hands 
  • Jamal Hill ~ Paralympic Swimmer
  • CMT & Microcirculation
  • CMT & Canine Companion
  • Mental Health & CMT
  • Pain Series: Part 1 – Do I need Surgery?
  • Pain Series: Part 2 – Nutrition 
  • ​​Accessible College
  • Family Planning #1: IVF
  • AFOs for CMT
  • Could your CMT be SORD Deficiency?


HNF is dedicated to supporting educational and enriched online webinars along within-person workshops to support CMT patients, families, caregivers and the stakeholder community.

CMT-Connect is an interactive series designed to shed light on our communities’ most important topics. We seek out wellness experts, thoughtleaders, medical professionals, adaptive programs, emerging technologies, disability advocates, and so much more!

We are inspired by our entire CMT community and are here to support them. As patients, we understand firsthand how difficult it can sometimes be to cope with the complexities of disease diagnosis and progression. Our program addresses the emotional, social, economical and physical effects of CMT as it aims for a holistic approach towards self advocacy and wellness.