New Center of Excellence Dr. Nassin Rad UW Medicine, Seattle, Washington

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New Center of Excellence

Dr. Nassin Rad 

UW Medicine, Seattle, Washington 

Tell us about yourself?

I am a board-certified rehabilitation medicine physician (completed my residency at Northwestern University) and a board-certified neuromuscular medicine physician (completed my neurology neuromuscular fellowship at the University of Michigan). I am also certified in electrodiagnostic medicine.

Why is CMT your passion?

I truly enjoy educating patients and helping them become experts in their medical care and CMT is a disease that requires just that! I work with adult patients from diagnosis and throughout their life to manage symptoms so that they can live their most functional life. Education in CMT is key as complex presentations and genetic workup can be overwhelming to patients. To add to this, the progressive nature of CMT can be frustrating and disappointing. I enjoy showing patients how they can overcome these barriers to increase mobility, reduce pain and live a fulfilling life.

Tell us what patients will experience when they come to your center?

Patients are typically seen on Wednesdays as part of our Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) clinic. They will meet with a physician (either rehab or neurology) that has expertise in CMT. They have access to our respiratory therapists and MDA liaisons as well as our nurse coordinator for any issues that come up. Same-day PT and OT evaluations can also be arranged. We work closely with our genetic counselors and help plug patients into any necessary referral services including a visit with our orthotics and prosthetics department. Given the current state of the pandemic, telemedicine visits are available, and the multidisciplinary aspect of the clinic is limited to avoid unnecessary exposure.

What do you love most about your practice?

My patients; I have the opportunity to work with some of the most resilient people! Additionally, my colleagues and staff are a pleasure to work with. They are experts in the field and put patients first.

How can patients make an appointment at your Center?

CMT Scheduler Phone Number: 206.598.0058


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