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Cannabis Community Care & Research Network (C3RN) Partners with HNF

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Cannabis Community Care & Research Network (C3RN) is excited to be partnering with the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation (HNF) to advance Cannabis research, advocate for patients in need, and educate the community!

C3RN’s team is passionate about ending stigma and advancing Cannabis research. The team is made up of Dr’s, Scientists, Growers, Creators, and Doer’s…but most importantly they are medical patients who understand the importance of education and awareness. There are so many ways that this plant can help people with their ailments, but how do we know? Stigma ends where education and awareness begins and whether it is via survey, verbal testimony, or social media…sharing your story is the start. Director of Sales; Andy Westerkamp shares his patient story on their websiteAndy is living with HNPP and manages to improve his quality of life with the help of Cannabis.

Take a look at some of the national statistics from an ongoing IRB approved anonymous patient and consumer survey from C3RN and UMass Dartmouth:

  • 62% of Cannabis users are reducing prescription medication use.
  • 51% report using Cannabis to ease anxiety.
  • 46% use Cannabis to manage chronic pain.

HNF, in partnership with Champlain Valley Dispensary/Ceres, is conducting a medical cannabis survey for CMT/HNPP patients to determine if its use is beneficial. Questions concerning types, amounts, methods of consumption and utilization of prescription drugs will help inform researchers. Please find the survey below. This study is generously supported by Champlain / Ceres.

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