10 Reasons To Join The Inspire CMT Community

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Join CMT patients, families, friends and caregivers for support and inspiration on our online Inspire Community!

10 Reasons To Join The Inspire CMT Community:

  1. Get real life answers from other patients and caregivers that are experiencing CMT firsthand.
  2. Control what you share on a user-friendly platform with extensive privacy settings.
  3. Share stories with patients and caregivers in an online community that can help educate, inspire and empower others.
  4. Join multiple Inspire communities (i.e. Invisible Disease Alliance) to connect with more people. Receive regular updates about CMT and the health topics you care about.
  5. Connect to explore and share your feelings with others who are dealing with the same health concerns.
  6. Learn about treatments and therapies for CMT.
  7. Network with individuals that live in your area for face-to-face support.
  8. Connect with others from anywhere at anytime for support and comfort.
  9. Discover opportunities to participate in clinical trials and other research.

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1 Comment

  1. A. Oakley

    How can we know if we are CMT carriers? Is there a genetic test to decipher if an individual of child bearing age, men AND women can pass the faulty gene to a child and does it require one or both parents to have it to have a 50 50 chance of a child presenting with symptoms?

    Is CMT or NHF related to Fibromyalgia? Is Fibromyalgia a variant form of CMT?


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