CMT-Connect Online Essential Oil Webinar March 8, 2017

by | Feb 2, 2017 | 6 comments

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  1. Gloria

    I just found this site is there a replay of this webinar. If so will you please email me the link and the upcoming webinars.

    • courtney

      Hi Gloria, We do not have a replay of the webinar. We will have future webinars so check back often.


  2. Cindy Heiderscheit

    I have HNPP. I found out early last year that there’s a Doctor in Tennessee that has been doing research on HNPP and has linked it to CMT. I still have all his research notes that brought he and his colleagues to this conclusion.

    • Toni Moore

      Hi I need to get disability for my CMT and other back issues. How difficult is it to get?

      • Sally

        Best advice…go through a disability advocacy organization not an attorney. I tried on my own for over a year then found an advocacy group that specializes in only helping people get approved. Three months and two Dr appointments later I was approved without any stigmas…actually a very validating process. Their fee was 20% of any back payment but nothing going forward. Well worth it! Best wishes!

      • Don Shaw

        I hired an attorney that specializes in SSDI, between him and w/the help of my Dr. it took approximately 6 months to be approved and receive my 1st check.

        Good Luck.


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