Meet Abby Ziff, Sales Director, Strategic Accounts, WebMD.

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Meet Abby Ziff, Sales Director, Strategic Accounts, WebMD. CMT advocate who is passionate and dedicated to helping all of us in our mission to bring awareness and raise funds to cure CMT.

You don’t have CMT nor does anyone in your family so why are you such a strong advocate?

I first learned about CMT last year when I heard Allison Moore’s story and it is because I don’t have the disease, nor does anyone in my family that I can objectively champion this cause. The lack of available information about CMT both for the general public and health care professionals leads to mis-diagnosis,under diagnosis and/or a lack of diagnosis. It’s not about finally having a name for your symptoms, it’s about having the knowledge to advocate on your own behalf. Some people choose not to, and some people can’t. That’s okay. I’d like to empower people in my network- friends, family, co-workers, with the knowledge that they can make a difference too. It’s as easy as “Have you heard of CMT?”

Why are you so interested in advocating for a rare disease like CMT & the HNF and not doing a 3-Day walk for breast cancer?

Breast cancer funding is certainly extremely important and has become extremely high profile. I have chosen to be a resource for a lesser known disease because every person who has a disease, whether rare or not has the same purpose- to find a cure. The person who has a rare disease is no less affected than the person with a commonly heard of disease. Their friends and family work hard alongside them to give voice to their disease. I choose to join them.

Why now?

That’s easy- why not now?  There are so many ways to help, whether through donations of money, time or simply asking someone “Have you heard of CMT?” There will only be 2 answers and either is a great starting point to further the discussion. Raising awareness is as important as raising money, because one won’t happen without the other. And the more we have of both, the closer we are to a cure.

How has learning about CMT affected you?

In my case, learning about CMT, has been getting to know Allison Moore. Here’s the important part- Allison isn’t CMT – she is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. She inspires me greatly because she has an amazing spirit and a clear sense of purpose. People instinctively want to work with, help out, support & rally around someone strong & compassionate. Allison Moore is that person.

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