Medical Fields Related to Surgery

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A certification by the Board of Anesthesiology; practitioners provide pain relief and maintenance or restoration of a stable condition during and immediately following an operation, an obstetric or a diagnostic procedure. Also, assess the risk of the patient undergoing surgery and optimize the patient’s condition prior to, during, and after surgery. Anesthesiologists diagnose and treat acute and long-standing pain-problems, diagnose and treat patients who have critical illnesses or severe injuries, and direct resuscitation in the care of patients with cardiac or respiratory emergencies including the provision of artificial ventilation. They also supervise and teach others involved in anesthesia, respiratory and intensive care.

Hand Surgeon

A subspecialty certification by the Board of Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery or General Surgery; practitioners focus on diagnosis, preservation and restoration by medical, surgical, and rehabilitative means of all structures directly affecting the hand and wrist. Specialty: Hand Surgery


A certification by the Board of Psychiatry & Neurology; practitioners focus on the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of disease or impaired function of the brain, spinal cord, muscles and nervous system, as well as the blood vessels that relate to these structures. The neurologist is often the primary physician but also serves as a consultant to other physicians and may render all levels of care, including the continuing care of outpatients and/or inpatients. The neurologist will often perform and interpret tests that relate to the nervous system or muscles. Specialty: Neurology , Neurology


A subspecialty certification by the Board of Pathology; practitioners are expert in the diagnosis of disease of the nervous system and skeletal muscles and functions as a consultant primarily to neurologists and neurosurgeons. Specialty: Pathology: Neuropathology , Neuropathology


A subspecialty certification by the Board of Radiology; practitioners are trained in both imaging and interventional procedures to identify and treat disorders of the brain, spine and spinal cord, head, neck and sense organs in adults and children. These subspecialists are expert diagnostic and therapeutic consultants and practitioners. Specialty: Radiology: Neuroradiology , Neuroradiology 


A certification by the Board of Neurological Surgery; practitioners provide the surgical and non-surgical management (i.e., prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, critical care, and rehabilitation) of disorders of the nervous system. They also provide the evaluation and treatment of conditions that modify function or activity of the nervous system, and the surgical and non-surgical management of pain. Specialty: Neurosurgery , Neurological Surgery Common Name: Brain Surgeon

Neurophysiologic Psychiatrist

A subspecialty certification by the Board of Psychiatry & Neurology; practitioners receive training in the diagnosis and management of central and peripheral nervous system disorders using electrophysiological (electric activity in the body) techniques. Specialty: Psychiatry: Clinical Neurophysiology , Clinica Neurophysiology; Common Name: Neurophysiologic Psychiatrist

Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Pediatrician

A subspecialty certification by the Boards of Pediatrics and Psychiatry & Neurology; practitioners treat children with developmental delays, learning disorders (including those associated with visual and hearing impairment), mental retardation, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, autism, and other chronic neurologic conditions. They provide medical consultation and education and assume leadership in the interdisciplinary care of children with neurodevelopmental disorders. They also focus on the early identification of neurodevelopmental disabilities in infants and young children as well as changes that occur as the child with developmental disabilities grows up. Specialty: Neurodevelopmental Disabilities , Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Pain Management Physician

An interdisciplinary subspecialty certification by the Boards of Anesthesiology, Psychiatry & Neurology, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; practitioners provide a high level of care either as a primary physician or consultant for patients experiencing problems with acute or chronic pain in both inpatient and outpatient settings, and coordinate a multidisciplinary approach toward pain management. Specialty: Pain Management, Pain Medicine

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Doctor

A certification by the Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; practitioners focus on diagnosing, evaluating and treating patients with impairments and/or disabilities that involve musculoskeletal, neurologic, cardiovascular or other body systems. Their primary concern is maximal restoration of function and the alleviation of pain .Specialty: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Common Name: Rehabilitation Doctor or Rehab Doctor


A certification by the Board of Surgery; practitioners manage a wide range of surgical conditions affecting almost any area of the body. The surgeon provides the diagnosis and the care to patients before, during and after surgery. The surgeon is usually responsible for the comprehensive management of trauma victims and the critically ill. The surgeon has special knowledge and skills in birth defects, tumors, infections and metabolic problems relating to the head and neck, breast, abdomen, extremities including the hand, and the gastrointestinal, vascular and endocrine systems. A general surgeon is expected to be familiar with the most relevant features of other surgical specialties in order to recognize problems in those areas and to know when to refer a patient to another specialist.


Podiatrists are health professionals who diagnose and treat medical and surgical problems and injuries of the feet and ankles, such as plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, or reconstructive surgery.Podiatrists provide extended care for people who need it, such as those with foot problems caused by CMT.

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