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Since we launched our Therapeutic Research In Accelerated Discovery in 2007, we have funded 2 million in research dollars.

Our core philosophy mandates that we collaborate with our patient community and strategic partners compassionately, honestly and with integrity. The patient always comes first and drives our patient support and research efforts.

We prioritize research programs that will change people’s lives by partnering with innovative researchers and industry leaders.

We ONLY support projects that have potential to have an impact on human health.

Objectives for 2017-2019

  • To support the first Phase 3 human trial for drug development for CMT1A
  • To validate clinical outcome measures for all forms of inherited neuropathies to ensure successful clinical trials
  • To advance novel drug therapies for patients with CMT1A
  • To support translational research to advance novel drug therapies for patients with CMT2A
  • To work closely with biotech and pharma to help advance the potential for drug and gene therapies for inherited neuropathies
  • Expand the patient clinical registry to support the entire CMT research community to advance therapies
  • To increase CMT awareness to create a stronger patient community
  • To support the development of animal models for CMT6