Meet Traci Williams, HNF’s newest Movement is Medicine™ Ambassador. Traci lives in Montreal, Canada, and was born with CMT1A. Diagnosed as a child (now in her 50s), she was told she would permanently be in a wheelchair by the age of 20. At 19, she was introduced to yoga and realized she had been meditating naturally on her own about a decade before that. “Having a Type A personality, yoga bored me, but my body, even with pain, wanted to do it… and I listened”. She has been teaching since 2011 and now has over 500 hours of related training, including in-depth anatomy and physiology! Kundalini yoga is a holistic yoga that incorporates repetitive physical movement and sometimes static postures timed with breathwork, chanting, meditation, and relaxation. It is believed to work directly on the nervous system, glands, and chakra system (the body’s energy centers, which largely correspond with the plexuses—bundles of nerves along the spinal cord). “I personally believe strongly in the mind-body-and-spirit connection, so my favorite yoga is Kundalini yoga along with yoga Nidra”.

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The Key Role CMT Patients Play in Research

The Key Role CMT Patients Play in Research

Without your participation, researchers won’t have the essential patient information to develop drugs, gene therapies, and clinical trials for Charcot-Marie-Tooth and other Inherited Neuropathies. In addition, as GRIN grows, we gain greater insights from you as patients to help accelerate therapies for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) and Inherited Neuropathies.

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