Cannabis & CMT Webinar Overview

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CMT-Connect hosted its first webinar on the popular topic of Cannabis this past April with a panel of experts and CMT patients. Brian Piper, PhD and Meg D’elia provided industry and scientific insight with recent studies showing positive results on the effects of CBD and Cannabis on chronic pain and other CMT-related symptoms.

CMT patients Bernadette Scarduzio and Di Billick shed light on treating their own pain, fatigue and muscle spasms with different strain types and methods.

“We must do our part to break stigmas around Cannabis in the CMT community and share the most recent validating research. Our community is experiencing extreme and debilitating pain. They deserve safe and effective options” – Estela Lugo, HNF Medical Outreach Manager

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From the words of a CMT Hero

From the words of a CMT Hero


I often wonder what it’s like to be like everyone else out there. How great it would be to do things most consider easily accessible and within reach. I believe in myself; it’s not really about that. Sometimes I just feel alone, cold, and bitter after considering life in general. Then I ponder a thought: there are too many hurdles I’ve already jumped over

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