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Author & Team CMT Founder Chris Wodke Releases Her Second Book

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Author and Team CMT Founder Chris Wodke has released her second book, “Soup Sunday—A Journey to Healthy Living”. The book is a follow-up to her book “Running for My Life, Winning for CMT,” which detailed her journey to run the Boston Marathon.

“Soup Sunday” is a compilation of the recipes published on her weekly blog. For most weeks of the year, soup is on the menu and cooked on Sunday afternoons, hence the title. The base of most of the soups is bone broth, which is a hot health trend right now. The book includes a recipe for creating this base. The book also discusses the author’s experience with CMT. In addition, there is a section in the book about CMT and CMT resources. She hopes to extend her reach by raising awareness of CMT to a new audience. She notes, “Someone may buy a cookbook to make soup and learn a bit about CMT.”

The book is being published in electronic form to keep costs low. You can find both a Kindle and iPad version on Amazon.

A PDF is available on Ebay HERE

If you desire a hard copy, you can print a PDF. All proceeds of the Ebay sales are being donated to the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation.

Wodke is part of the HNF TCS New York City Marathon team, which has a goal to raise $50,000, $10,000 per participant. Five TEAM CMT members will be participating in the event on November 4th. If you wish to support Chris as she runs to support CMT Research, visit her fundraising page HERE

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