ABCs of CMT Pain Management Guide

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ABCs of CMT Pain Management Guide

The Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation is thrilled to introduce the “ABCs of CMT Pain Management,” a comprehensive guide that is a direct product of the Global Registry for Inherited Neuropathies (GRIN) initiative. This guide embodies the power of collective stories through patient-reported data and a resolute commitment to reshaping the narrative of pain in CMT.

HNF’s robust ABCs of CMT Pain Management Guide consists of over 80 pages of pain management options broken down into the categories of nutrition, exercise, topicals, supplements, prescription, holistic, injections, surgery, and more!

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HNF is Reshaping Drug Repurposing for CMT

HNF is Reshaping Drug Repurposing for CMT

HNF has partnered with Rarebase, a public benefit precision medicine company that has screened a large library of FDA approved small molecules to identify candidates for various types of CMT. Their tech-enabled drug discovery platform is called Function™. There are many published discoveries on the genetic cause of many types of CMT, including an understanding of the basic mechanism of disease and potential targets for FDA-approved drug repurposing. It is this understanding that allows HNF and Rarebase to target the genetic root cause of CMT.

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