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Meet Janice Laurence – Inclusive Contemporary Dance

Hi, my name is Janice Laurence and I have been a professionally certified teacher in BC, Canada since 1990.  I have a MA in education and am passionate about physically integrated dance for all abilities and bodies. I invite you to join me in exploring movement in a joyful and inclusive environment.

Zoom has brought the community of dance into my home and I meet daily with folks of all backgrounds, ages, and genders to learn and move together.

I was born with CMT Type 1A, and have had 14 foot and ankle surgeries.  I currently am an ambulatory wheelchair user and have a variety of mobility aids to help me enjoy freedom and independence. As many of you know, living with CMT often means continually finding ways to adapt to a life with unpredictable health challenges and pain.  I have been coached by 

Paralympians and train regularly with Ocean Rehab & Fitness. I have appeared in several Canadian documentaries, dance films, and live performances as I aim to help dismantle assumptions around living with a disability.

Photo Credit: K. Ho