HNF Launches NEW Virtual CMT Fitness Platform with Ambassador Instructors

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The Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation believes that activity plays an essential role in physical and mental well being, especially for people affected by debilitating diseases like Charcot-Marie-Tooth. The Movement is Medicine™ mission is to promote the safe adoption of an active lifestyle through exercise and nutrition programs specifically created for those with disabilities.

“We believe, now more than ever, that adaptive fitness should be fun, interactive and virtually accessible to all regardless of where they live.“

 – Robert Moore, MIM Coordinator 

Movement is Medicine™ has assembled a stellar team of Fitness Ambassadors who have expertise in Yoga, Pilates, strength and resistance training and more! Each Fitness Ambassador will offer at least one live class per month.

Classes are free of charge!


Meet the Fitness Ambassadors

Marc Daigle

My name is Marc Daigle and I’m a trainer, coach, and motivator. I was born and raised in St. Charles, Missouri and currently live in New York City. I was diagnosed with CMT in 2017, but still don’t know the specific type. I believe fitness should be fun and for everyone. I’ve trained young children, active older adults and friends with CMT, and have worked with athletes at the highest level. No matter who you are, movement is key and I want to help you move better and achieve your goals Movement is Medicine is something I practice everyday.  Since being diagnosed I have completed an Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run). Anything is possible if you keep a positive attitude, stay consistent, and surround yourself with good people. I’m here to help!

Christine Panico

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 15 years and it is part of my daily routine. When my youngest went to college in September of 2019, I decided to further my practice by enrolling in a 200 hour Teacher Training program at Mandala Healing and Arts Center in Amagansett, NY. I really love to teach restorative yoga, which offers pose modifications as well as the use of props. This type of yoga is accommodating to those who would like to further their practice regardless of their limitations, whether it be due to an injury or physical limitation. I have been friends with Allison Moore, Founder of HNF, for over 28 years, and have been a supporter of HNF since its inception in 2001. I am thrilled to be able to provide instruction to the HNF & CMT community via their Movement is Medicine™ initiative!

Meet Julie Stone

CMTer (type 2A), adaptive fitness coach, and owner of All Bodies Community. I strive to provide fitness for all mobility types. In my classes, I want you to learn to listen to your body and do what is best for it. I believe growth should be measured on a personal level, not compared to others – I want you to strive to be the best version of you! I was thrilled to be a part of the first Movement is Medicine Summit in 2019. I am excited to have the opportunity to use my CMT-centric exercise technique with the HNF community!


The Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation is excited to announce the Movement is Medicine™ Fitness Ambassador program!


Introduced at the first Movement is Medicine™ Summit in November, 2019, HNF’s Movement is Medicine™ initiative was created to promote and support safe exercise, healthy nutrition and overall wellness within our CMT community. 

We are excited to announce the launch of the Movement is Medicine™ Fitness Ambassador program, which will provide members weekly live classes that help increase your strength, balance and overall fitness level. All the classes are adaptive and can be enjoyed regardless of your fitness or skill level!

Getting started is easy, just follow these three steps:

  1. Join Movement is Medicine™ – membership is FREE!
  2. After you join, just scroll down the page and meet your ambassadors.
  3. Scroll down further and use our calendar to sign up for a class!

It’s that easy!

Here is to being healthy and safe in 2021 – see you in class!

Participate today!

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