A Successful Movement is Medicine™ Summit

by | Jan 3, 2020 | 2 comments

The Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation would like to thank all the sponsors who made the Movement is Medicine™ Summit possible. Pharnext, Acceleron Pharma, Vector Sports by Kayezen, Athena Diagnostics, BioTek reMEDys, ProtoKinetics, Vantage Mobility International (VMI), Lacuna Botanicals, Ortho Rehab Designs: Helios Bracing, Fior & Gentz, Active Hands, Ottobock, Champlain Valley Dispensary, and Bombas all graciously provided financial support and products for the Movement is Medicine™ Summit.

HNF is grateful for all the individuals who helped to make this incredible Summit possible and who are making a difference in the lives of our courageous attendees. The HNF team is already planning next year’s Movement is Medicine™ Summit for November 2020.

We are grateful to all the patients who participated in this groundbreaking event! The wonderful feedback we have received makes all of the hard work and planning well worth it. 


“Watching my wife get involved with activities, seeing her spirit open up by just being around others with her disability made this event our best of the year! And, we got to meet our CMT heroes!!!” –Kenneth

“It was such an incredible weekend attending the Movement is Medicine™ Summit. I feel more alive and inspired. I loved being with other people who have CMT and are working on their health and well being. It was such a positive, fun, and safe space. I loved the Ability 360 location, learning about different exercises I haven’t done before, and meeting wonderful people. I fell in love with the HNF organization. I finally feel like I have found my tribe.” –Cheryl

“Empowering, Life-Changing, Life-Saving and Good for the Soul!” –Jennifer

“This summit gave my daughter and me such inspiration and hope. We learned much more about CMT and how to combat its progression. We have put everything we learned into action in our everyday lives now. Thank you.” –Terry

“The Summit was a valuable experience just by bringing together a wide array of individuals with a shared lifestyle based on our disease. The workshops taught exercises that I can do on my own to help me stay mobile.” –Janet 

“Patients with CMT need information, and there are not enough physicians who understand the disease. The Movement Is Medicine™ was a tremendous resource.” –Bill

“I really felt comfortable in my body being around people with similar struggles (balance, gait, strength and other ailments caused by my disease). The fitness instructors were sympathetic to my limitations, which I really appreciated.” –Laurie

“I feel less lonely. I feel braver and more accepting of myself. I saw and met people with some of my visible issues and have more perspective about how other people react to me. I feel less self conscious about returning to my own life.” –Rojean

“I learned that I can exercise in many different ways without over-exerting myself and causing pain. I was able to feel like myself and didn’t feel like I had to act.” –Taylor

“The Summit exceeded my expectations— from meeting and learning about other CMT warriors who were willing to share their experience, to attending all the educational sessions, which provided such valuable information—I am going home with new friends and hope to continue my CMT journey.” –Amanda“Like meeting family you never knew you had, but always wanted” –Jeff

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  1. Wayne Carpenter

    After an SRS treatment for an acoustic neuroma in November of 2017, I began manifesting all of the symptoms of CMT at age 72! I do not have a genetic match for CMT, so I am glad that this Association also includes all hereditary neuropathies in its mission. I registered for the 2019 Movement is Medicine Conference not knowing what to expect, but quickly discovered a welcoming community of people dealing with issues very similar to mine. I learned things that none of my doctors had shared with me and found every workshop helpful and informative. I had gone from being very active in my life to needing AFO’s and was fairly depressed about the big changes in my life. This conference was a turning point in discoving how to proceed in the next chapters of my life! I am very glad that the next conference will be held at the marvelous Ability 360 facilty in Phoenix. I hope to see many of you there next November!

    • Courtney

      Hi Wayne,
      It was so great meeting you at the summit. Thank you for your kind comments. We are thankful that you enjoyed the Movement is Medicine Summit and can’t wait to see you again in 2020!

      Keep Moving


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