HNF Launches the Ultimate CMT Amazon Wish List

by | May 10, 2021 | 1 comment

HNF Launches the Ultimate CMT Amazon Wish List

HNF’s focus is to support people living with CMT and their families with critical information to improve quality of life and we are dedicated to finding treatments for CMT. We provide a strong, organizational voice to those living with CMT all over the world.

The HNF team and supporters came up with an ULTIMATE wishlist of CMT-friendly products on Amazon to make life with CMT easier!

We hope you find this list helpful and choose HNF as your AmazonSmile Charity before you shop!

View HNF’s Ultimate CMT Amazon Wish List here.

Simply start your shopping at to confirm “Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation Inc” as your charity of choice, and AmazonSmile will donate a portion of your eligible purchase price to our organization.

Have a product that helps daily life with CMT? 

Send [email protected] an email with “AmazonSmile” in the subject line. Please provide a product name, link, and how it helps you!

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  1. Kaye Pauley

    Want to talk with someone around the age of 65 through 80 that has CMT


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