She is at it, again! Jenny Decker’s “Just a Lap” circumnavigating the globe

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She is at it, again! Jenny Decker’s “Just a Lap” circumnavigating the globe

In 2016, Jenny kayaked around the Big Island to raise money for HNF’s Therapeutic Research in Accelerated Discovery (TRIAD) research program and to spread awareness for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT). It took her 20 days. Now Jenny is setting out to be the first female, solo sailor with CMT to circumnavigate the globe.

“I am more graceful in the water than I am on land. That brings me a lot of peace,” she said. “It’s the only time I feel 100% strong in my own body.”

This journey has been a few years in the making. From training with her mentor, Dustin Reynolds, by sailing to Palmyra Atoll and back; finding the right vessel to guide her (SV Tiama); and retrofitting it with special winches and other hardware to accommodate her physical challenges. This feat could take her 3-5 years!

She has even given the goal the name. She calls it “Just a Lap.”

“It’s just a lap, no big deal. That’s part of the mental thing for me,” she said.

Help Jenny by sharing her story to raise awareness for CMT.

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