Summit Speaker Spotlight: Dr. James Nussbaum

by | Aug 4, 2016 | 19 comments

JN PIC 5-16 LSS dickensHNF invites Dr. James Nussbaum, PT, PhD, SCS, EMT, to lead us in a discussion on Gaps in Available Patient Reported Outcomes and Barriers to Therapy Development” at the Summit.

Dr. Nussbaum is the Clinical and Research Director of ProHealth & Fitness PT OT, a physical and occupational therapy organization in New York City. He founded the organization in 2000 in an effort to provide skilled rehabilitation services to patients with all levels of abilities and disabilities.

His career was fueled by his experiences as a physical therapy patient, working for Johnson & Johnson as a health and fitness specialist, and as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician. James returned to school after working at Johnson & Johnson and graduated from Touro College with a Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy, and later earning his PhD in Pathokinesiology. He is also a board-certified Sports Certification Specialist.

Dr. Nussbaum sits on numerous clinical and academic advisory boards, and is an active member of the NYS Task Force on Fall Prevention. He currently is a clinical instructor for numerous Physical Therapy schools, and teaches biomechanics, human gait and kinesiology at Yeshiva University’s Stern College.

His clinical and research focus has been on the effects of innovative therapy interventions in medically complex patient populations. He has numerous ongoing IRB clinical trials, collaborating with many NYC physicians, hospitals, and agencies. Dr. Nussbaum has lectured and presented his research at medical conferences throughout the US and around the world.

He has a particular interest in finding ways to enhance and document patient improvements in activities of daily living, mobility, balance, function, and most importantly, quality of life. In 2014, he became one of the first 3 certified AposTherapy providers in the US and is proudly active in educating physicians and patients alike.

Dr. Nussbaum has been the recipient of numerous awards and designations and is passionate about improving the way people live through clinical care, research, and education.

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  1. Shawna Davis

    Will you be talking about how much exercise or physical therapy is the right amount for people with CMT?

  2. Annie

    Does anyone know of a CMT specialist for a child in the Chicago, Illinois area?
    Thank You

    • Tracy Roberts

      Check the closest university’s with Med Schools. It seems that is often where they are because the tend to be research Dr’s.

  3. Thomas Hardy

    Hi ,

    I am reading this from Victoria Australia, I watch with interest what happens with C>M>T> in America. Is it possible to get some form of a copy of the results sent please.

  4. Catherine Lamb

    Sorry I am too far away in NZ to attend any conferences in Australia, USA, or the UK.
    I have CMT ?type and not too many Drs or other medical people know too much about CMT over here unfortunately. I know of two other people in NZ with this disease

  5. Mary

    We are looking for a Dr who specializes in CMT in the Chicagoland area for a 5 year old child. Can anyone help?

  6. Pam

    Please make Summit information available to those who cannot attend.

    • courtney

      Hi Pam,

      Unfortunately we are unable to have the conference live October 6th. We do plan to have an extensive overview that will be available after the conference.

      • Pam

        Thank you! Will look forward to this information. This sounds like an important conference.

  7. Crystal Cushman

    I am very cautious of responding to articles like this. I have CMT which includes congenital hip dysplasia and so much more. I am 57, degree in Social Work and have always pushed myself. My body just got tired. The imminent tremors are getting worse. I applied for disability and the government is so ignorant of the cause and effect of CMT.

    • Patricia mulligan

      I am not yet finally diagnosed as cmt. Getting tests. But interested in whether ur hip dysphasia is correctable thru surgery. I have an indication of it

  8. Brian Miettinen

    I too will not be able to attend the summit in NYC. As a retiree with CMT I would be most interesting in the information to be presented – exercise, nutrition, medication Some kind of online access would be most beneficial. I certainly would be more than willing to pay a fee for this access.

    • courtney

      Hi Brian,

      Sorry you are unable to attend. We are unable to have live video this year. We will have an overview of the days events that will be available to the public after the event.

  9. Tracy Roberts

    I am also a CMT patient that would like to attend but may not be able to make it happen. I too would be interested in other access to the wealth of information regarding CMT.

  10. Ron Koons

    Is there any help for a neuropathy victim?

  11. Sue rivers

    Previous to this I had sent an email with concerns that I and a lot of other people could not reach out to the conventions especially the one in New York City with charcot-marie-tooth but did not hear anything back if you were going to televise or have a verbal lecture available for us to listen to


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