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april_15_imageI think it is starting to work

The heading kinda says it all, that is pretty much the theme around my house the last few weeks with an self proclaimed off day thrown in every 6 days or so. Not to say I’m losing my motivation but there have been one or two days in the last 3 weeks that I just wasn’t feeling it, but I expected that to happen. One of the things that  keeps my motivation up is almost every time I go on a ride I set new personal records on the same segments that I ride weekly. Last Saturday I rode the same loop as my first official training ride in late January and beat my time by over 8 minutes which shows me that all this hard work is starting to pay off.

8 minutes faster than the last time!

Personal Records keep me motivated!

My body is not a wonderland

I have had a few ups and downs over the last two weeks that have made riding daily a little challenging, first of all here in Georgia spring time means a few things: Birds chirping, longer days, rain, cool one day and warm the next and pollen. I’m talking yellowish green haze in the sky, everything you own is yellow, sore throat, sneezy pollen, not ideal riding conditions but I guess it could be worse. Also, as you can imagine when you ride 20-30 miles every day after work and then 40-60 miles both weekend days you can become a little tender on your “bottom”, and by a little tender I swear I had a pine cone in my shorts last Sunday morning, but upon closer inspection I was wrong, no pine cone just an extremely sore “bottom”. My CMT nerve pain in my left leg has been a pretty regular occurrence the last couple of weeks, it usually starts to hurt about 15-20 minutes into the ride and sticks around for 30 minutes or so (either it goes away or I just stop noticing it, not sure which it is). I have also had several aches and pains here and there and stiff, sore legs at times but I think both of those can be attributed to TMB. (To many Birthdays)

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  1. Aunt Shirley

    Michael, what an inspiration you are to all us! You are proving to all CMT individuals and anyone with a debilitating disease that determination will carry you places you have never been. You just have to believe in yourself and do the training. Proud of you! Woo Hoo! Go Michael Go!

  2. Linda

    Michael you’re amazing. I love that you’re sharing this experience with us. Love you!


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