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by | Apr 21, 2015 | 4 comments

G0044863 (2)I just love this time of year. Spring is in the air and everything is coming back to life again, finally.  Birds singing, warm breezes blowing, and sweet smells filling the air. This time of year is easier for me to handle considering I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease.

On May 3rd I will be in New York and participate in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour. I will be riding with Team CMT to raise awareness and help in finding a cure for CMT, the most common hereditary neurological disorder affecting 1 in 2500 people in the US. This disease makes life a little more trying every day, offering new challenges as progression kicks in. I am amazed beyond words to have the opportunity to make a difference in our CMT community and zero in on a cure.

As I prepare for the ride in the upcoming weeks I often find myself a little less than average, feeling the ill effects of CMT and other issues affecting my body. I discovered the help I need to push through and my friends that share the struggle with me. I open up social media and read stories of the struggles of people, people I call my friends. lf I have the chance to help change the lives of the people I care about you best believe I am going to pedal for it!

Please consider supporting me! 

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From the words of a CMT Hero

From the words of a CMT Hero


I often wonder what it’s like to be like everyone else out there. How great it would be to do things most consider easily accessible and within reach. I believe in myself; it’s not really about that. Sometimes I just feel alone, cold, and bitter after considering life in general. Then I ponder a thought: there are too many hurdles I’ve already jumped over

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  1. Barbara Gonzales ( aunt )

    Timmy we are so proud of what you have accomplished. You have been an inspiration to others who are fighting their own battles. We know you are going to do great in New York. .. .,,,,,…… Aunt Barbara

    • courtney

      Aunt Barbara,

      Indeed Timmy will do great in New York!

  2. Fritz Schneider

    Timothy Dixon’s modesty won’t allow him to fully disclose how he has become a true champion of CMT sufferers worldwide. His stories about his day to day life, overcoming his daily obstacles and always seeing the humor in every situation has inspired many of us to push ourselves to achieve new goals and not accept the boundaries that this disease has put in place. Timothy is a great guy and always reaches out those in need to share his own successes and failures and demonstrates that the only thing stopping us is ourselves.

    • courtney


      Timmy is a great person and HNF is thrilled to follow him and be a part of this amazing journey!


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