Two New Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) Surveys Regarding Orthotics Use and Autonomic Neuropathy Prevalence:  Please Share Your Experiences!

Researchers at the University of Michigan, an HNF Center of Excellence, are conducting two survey studies of patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT).

If you are age 18 or older and have been diagnosed with CMT, you are invited to participate to help improve our knowledge of living with CMT.

Your responses are anonymous, and there are no costs to taking part in either survey, which are online and can be taken at your convenience.  Each survey should take you about 20 minutes to complete.

  • Motivations, Expectations, Satisfaction, and Impact of Orthotics in CMT: This survey aims to collect CMT patient perceptions on the use of corrective orthotics, particularly prescribed orthotics.  Please go to this link to learn more and to take the survey:
  • Survey of Autonomic Neuropathy Prevalence and Disease Burden in CMT: This survey aims to estimate the prevalence of autonomic neuropathy in CMT patients and to gather impressions of how CMT affects the lives of those living with it. Autonomic neuropathy occurs when the nerves that control involuntary bodily functions are damaged. This may affect blood pressure, body temperature control, digestion, bladder function and even sexual function. Please go to this link to learn more and to take the survey:

Thank you!