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Many of you know Zach and the challenges he faced back in 2019 from the flu. Zach has encountered many obstacles during his recovery and still has challenges today.

Thankfully, Zach is finding a new lease on life with the support of his new best friend. On May 4th, 2022, Zach’s service dog, Bosco, arrived from Phoenix, Arizona. Bosco has been specialty trained over the last year in preparation to meet Zach’s needs by being his balance and stability support as well as helping with his visual impairments.

“It has been a game changer for Zach. Who would have thought a service dog could impact a person’s life in so many positive ways? Zach has more confidence now getting back out into his community since his illness.

Within the first few weeks, Zach was able to overcome things such as taking outdoor walks, going to restaurants or been to the movies were huge win for our family. Bosco is such an incredible dog and we are excited to see what’s ahead for Zach and Bosco. They are best buddies in the making for sure!” -Debi Houliares (Zach’s mom)

Learn more about how service dogs can help those living with CMT! Watch HNF’s Canine Companions & CMT webinar here!

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