“Grow or Mow” A Sheer Success!

The Covid flow has been strong for many, especially for Brandon Daily, who hasn’t cut his hair since pre-pandemic! Brandon couldn’t decide to let it grow through the rest of 2021 or shave it off. That’s when his wife, Shelley, thought of a fun way they could let others decide while raising research dollars for their niece, Alana, who lives with CMT GDAP1 (Type 4a). They would host a virtual ‘Mow or Grow’ fundraiser with each $1 vote going towards CMT research.

One week later, the RESULTS WERE IN! 1173 GROW votes to a staggering 1690 for MOW. It was a chilly morning to get a buzz cut, but Brandon was a trooper as Alana wielded the clippers for the first time.

“We’re so thankful to everyone who voted! Our fundraiser total, including donations and matched money, was $6241!”

“HNF made the entire process turnkey and effortless with a customized webpage, promo images, and voting updates…the hardest part was sweeping up all of Brandon’s hair!”


Luxurious Locks Wanted!

Nominate someone for the next CMT “Grow or Mow” fundraiser and choose where your research funds go! Email us at [email protected] and ask how to get started!