Cannabis & CMT Webinar

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Angie Roullier is the author of “Pot for the People: The plant, the people, and the shop policies of cannabis” – Cannabis Tutor/Patient Relations

“Over 12 years ago, I chose to give cannabis a shot as a method of treatment for my CMT. Not only did I find that it greatly improved my quality of life, but I was now wildly curious about how it worked and how it could help others. Having run through the gauntlet of cannabis retail positions and tutoring within the Detroit Metro area, I have crossed paths with thousands of people looking to cannabis for help with their medical conditions.

I have seen cannabis do wonders for so many of these people, and I have seen it do absolutely nothing for others. Cannabis is not for everyone. Cannabis is not a cure-all, a magic bullet, or the last medicine you’ll ever take. But what it may have is the potential to help. Naturally.”


  • About Angie & her work
  • What do CMTers need to know before they try Cannabis for their symptoms?
  • What are the different types and methods of consumption?
  • What are the benefits and risks?
  • Where to purchase?
  • Q&A

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