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Caramel-Corn-Chocolate-Chip-Cookie[1]“Sometimes me think ‘what is a friend?’ and then me think… friend is what last chocolate cookie is for.” You know the voice – it’s Cookie Monster, one of my favorite Sesame Street characters. “Me want cookie! Me eat cookie! Omm nom nom nom”. According to Monstopedia, The Monsterous Encyclopedia, his favorite is Chocolate Chip. Hmmmm…I wonder how he would like my new treat: Caramel Corn Chocolate Chip Cookie?! They make my eyes go all googly, I’ll tell you that. They are a delectable combination of browned butter, brown sugar, sweet & salty caramel corn, chocolate chips and the surprisingly toffee-like melted marshmallows. Come on! You know you want to make these . Don’t forget to save the last one for a friend.

Click here for recipe!