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Dr. Sean Ekins is Principal Investigator of GRIN, which is now in its second year. Dr. Ekins is a clinical pharmacologist by training with over 18 years of experience in pre-clinical drug development, toxicity and computational drug discovery research in large Pharma (Lilly, Pfizer), biotech, informatics software companies (GeneGo, Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.) and start up drug companies (Phoenix Nest).

As Chief Science Officer of HNF, it is his responsibility to oversee the success of our TRIAD research program in which we fund translational research (pre-clinical and clinical),  projects. HNF’s goal is to expedite the research process from bench to bedside. While there has been a considerable amount of research on CMT there is urgency to provide the thousands of patients progressing rapidly, with a therapeutic that offers a benefit to them.

As we continue to translate our research and partner with various academics, industry leaders, government and not-for-profit stakeholders that are aligned with HNF’s mission, your participation is an intricate and an important part of the process. Please Join us and contribute to GRIN, our patient registry, which will help us in our quest to cure CMT.

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  1. J Brian C Saunders

    Could you please give me a definition of CMT type 2 axonal
    Thanking you in anticipation



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