Saturday, Nov 10, 2012: Richmond Half-Marathon Fundraiser

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Kim, Courtney, Barbara

Team CMT Member: Richmond Virginia


The Richmond, Va branch of Team CMT, Richmond, VA will participate in the American Family Fitness Half Marathon on Saturday, November 10, 2012.  Team CMT will be running on behalf of the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation to raise awareness of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

As part of Richmond’s famed Marathon event, “The American Family Fitness Half Marathon” features a tour of some of Richmond’s most beautiful and historic neighborhoods and is perfect for runners and walkers of all abilities who want to be a part of a great running event. The same first-class service that makes this “America’s Friendliest Marathon” [Richmond] elevates the American Family Fitness Half Marathon to a premier experience for all participants.

There will be a Cheer Challenge set up along the route.  Following the race, there will be a party from 7-10pm with drinks, dinner and a silent auction.  More details to follow soon.

Please join us that evening at our fundraising dinner. Click here to find out more and register!

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