Grace’s Courage Crusade Brunch by the Beach 2014

by | Nov 12, 2014 | 1 comment

IMG_3140Grace’s Courage Crusade, a passionate campaign of the Sidoti/Caldarone family to raise awareness and fund CMT research, held its annual “Brunch by the Beach” fundraiser in scenic Newport, RI on November 2, 2014. Now in its seventh year, this event has become a beloved tradition for the crowd of over 150 attendees, and participants enjoyed great food, fun games, exciting raffles, and of course, fantastic desserts. (Who says brunch doesn’t come with dessert?!)

This year was the most amazing ever, with over $15,000 raised for the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation’s TRIAD research program. Sean Ekins, HNF’s Chief Science Officer, presented a CMT research update during the event, outlining the exciting developments in CMT research, including the upcoming Stage III clinical trial for CMT1A, ongoing CMT2A research using a zebrafish model, and progress on the development of a CMT2A mouse model. (See past HNF newsletters for all the latest research developments and sign up to receive these important newsletters in the future.)

We at HNF, and the Sidoti and Caldarone families, would like to thank all of the generous supporters who have joined with Grace’s Courage Crusade and HNF to make a real difference for kids like Grace who live with the challenges of CMT every day.

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  1. noreen knight

    Denial of heredity diseases is unfair as diseases are .If CMT is in your dna share the knowledge and perhaps someone will not spend a lifetime of feeling inadequate and have low self esteem.


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