The CMT Genie

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Despite the best efforts of our CMT community providing resources to obtain genetic testing, there are still barriers that remain challenging in obtaining a definitive diagnosis. HNF has changed that by developing the CMT Genie program. We are here to support and facilitate genetic counseling and provide immediate access to information and support for in-home testing and the translation of genetic reports to patients. Whether you need to learn more about variants identified in your DNA or seek further explanation of inheritance patterns, the CMT Genie is available to all patients and families affected by CMT, and for those that suspect CMT is the cause of their symptoms.

“The process was very easy. I met with Genome Medical and received the genetic test kit within a few days. The kit was well packaged in a small box and had everything I needed. Shortly after I shipped the kit back, I received an email to register online. Less than two weeks later, I received my test results – CMT1A, just as I suspected. Genome Medical notified me via text and email about scheduling a follow-up appointment to go over the results.” — Carrie H

“I got the results which were negative. I am glad I did the testing, so I now know more than I did before about genetic variants I do not have. Kind of like Thomas Edison and his search for a filament for a light bulb.” — Jeff M.

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