HNF Welcomes New Board Member, Natalia Salejko

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HNF Welcomes New Board Member, Natalia Salejko

Natalia Salejko is a happy wife and mom of two wonderful girls, one of whom has CMT4A. Her professional background includes; marketing, medical environments, and managing operations for an international company headquartered in London. Currently, Natalia is the office manager for the largest e-commerce company in Poland, Allegro. After living in the UK for 14 years, her family moved to Poland. Medicine has always been one of her greatest passions. Her family and growing team are laser-focused on finding a cure through aggressive fundraising through many channels.

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Dr. Sean Ekins named C.S.O. of HNF

We are delighted to announce that after volunteering for HNF for the past year Dr. Sean Ekins, Ph.D, D.Sc. will officially become our CSO responsible for overseeing the TRIAD program, directing our scientific advisory board, and communicating our research initiatives to the scientific community. In addition he serves as the Principal Investigator of the clinical Global Registry for Inherited Neuropathy (GRIN).

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