Grace’s Courage Crusade

Grace’s Courage Crusade is a passionate mission of the Sidoti/Caldarone family to support those living with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which affects Marybeth Caldarone and her daughter Grace.  Our mission includes both funding cure-driven research and raising awareness of CMT worldwide. We achieve these goals through several pathways.  First, we come together each fall at our annual fundraiser in scenic Newport, Rhode Island. Second, we elevate the public profile of CMT through our children’s book series, written by Carol Liu and Marybeth Caldarone. The series, beginning with Arlene On the Scene and now featuring a sequel, Arlene, the Rebel Queen, educates children, parents and educators about CMT through a lively and humorous story, while providing a positive role model for those growing up with CMT. Finally, through our School Outreach Program, we bring an important message about the value of embracing differences to elementary schools across the country.


Grace’s Courage Crusade Brunch 2013

A bright, crisp day greeted supporters of Grace’s Courage Crusade as they gathered to enjoy brunch by the beach with breathtaking views at the Atlantic Beach Club in Newport, RI. Following the amazing buffet spread, the crowd got intense over a dessert auction that offered tempting sweets and goodies provided by local businesses.

Grace’s Courage Crusade Brunch 2012

Warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine welcomed several hundred guests attending Grace’s Courage Crusade this year.  Held on October 21, 2012 at the Atlantic Beach Club in Newport, Rhode Island overlooking the water, supporters gathered for brunch and fun.  Grace’s...

Grace’s Courage Crusade Brunch 2011

This annual event is simply amazing.  At the last one, held in October 2011, a crowd of several hundred gathered ocean-side at the picturesque Atlantic Beach Club to support Grace's Courage Crusade, a passionate mission of the Sidoti/Caldarone family to fund research...