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Mitchell Warner, CPO

Prosthetist / Orthotist – President of Ortho Rehab Designs & Helios Bracing Inc

TRIAD Council

Prosthetist / Orthotist – President of Ortho Rehab Designs & Helios Bracing Inc

Mitchell Warner is the President of Ortho Rehab Designs and Helios Bracing Inc, in Las Vegas, Nevada. He received his undergraduate degree from New York University in 1984, and completed his training at New York University Post Graduate Medical School in Prosthetics and Orthotics, in 1988. He is an American Board Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist.  Mr. Warner’s career started in New York, where he attended prosthetic and orthotic clinics on Long Island and New York City, and routinely treated hospital patients. He spent extensive time treating patients at NYU Medical Center,  Hospital for Special Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, and Hospital for Joint Diseases.

Mitchell Warner founded Ortho Rehab Designs in Las Vegas, NV in 1991. His practice focused on amputees and patients with lower limb neurological loss. He soon learned that many patients who had Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, did not have many advanced options for bracing, as did his amputee patients for artificial limbs. Already using advanced carbon fiber procedures with prosthetics, this led him to develop new designs for Charcot Marie Tooth patients, and his inventing of the Helios Energy Storing Orthosis.

He has participated in a CMT leg brace research study with the Helios Orthosis, that was published in the Journal of Gait and posture in 2014. Mr. Warner’s clinic in Las Vegas, treats patients suffering from all types of neuropathy, however his practice does focus on advanced triplanar orthotic treatment for CMT patients. His current research is on developing new orthotic strategies with the use of 3D printing, and further advancement of carbon fiber and other composite technologies for lower limb leg bracing.