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Domenic Sturino Centric CEO

Lucia Notterpek, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

TRIAD Council

Dr. Lucia Notterpek is Professor and Associate Dean of Biomedical Research at the School of Medicine, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada.  Dr. Notterpek investigates how the loss of glial insulation around axons, called myelin, contributes to the pathogenesis of hereditary and age-related neural disorders. Her laboratory studies peripheral neuropathies, including CMTs and trigeminal neuralgia, with focus on glial biology and lipid metabolism.

Current research is focused on understanding the subcellular changes within neural cells that underlie the progressive nature of these disorders and normal aging-associated myelin degeneration. A major emphasis of Dr. Notterpek’s research concerns dietary approaches that could be utilized to support the maintenance of healthy myelin throughout lifespan and/or its repair in disease paradigms. The laboratory is equipped with models and reagents, including small molecule therapeutics and genetic models to attain these goals. She has authored and co-authored over 70 publications, reviews and book chapters. Nationally and internationally, she serves on research advisory and grant review panels for private and public organizations.