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Thank you to our Sponsors!

“The Neuromuscular Division of the AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute is overjoyed to partner with the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation as a Center of Excellence. The HNF has established itself as an organization in which individuals with hereditary neuropathies-also known as CMT-come first. Our division echoes this goal of patients coming first. We are excited to host the Movement is Medicine™ program here in Orlando; this program will demonstrate not only how much exercise is necessary in hereditary neuropathies, but also how much fun exercise can be by forming new friendships and creating positive energy that can be healing in every way.”

-Nivedita Jerath MD, MS 

Medical Director of Neuromuscular Medicine, AdventHealth

Kinetic Research offers a variety of Ready to Fit and Custom devices

each with its own character and effect to meet the individual needs of the user. 

Our products incorporate patented technology and proprietary

designs making them lighter, stronger, and more flexible than standard carbon

fiber braces.