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CMT on Twitch

         with Ellie – 3lleBelle 

                    December 4-6th

Ellie “3lleBelle” hosts a live stream on Twitch.tv four days a week. With live chats and video game content, Ellie proudly brings together one of the friendliest communities on the platform. She speaks openly about her struggles with CMT and shares her journey with her audience.

This December, Ellie will be raising money to support HNF. Join her for a fundraising weekend December 4 to December 6 on her Twitch channel twitch.tv/3llebelle, where she will be striving to meet her fundraising goal of $5000 — to be donated to the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation.

We look forward to seeing you there. Scroll down for game times!

When were you diagnosed with CMT?

The first signs came at age 13. There were small hints. Breathing restrictions. Mild identifiers that we now know were CMT-related. But my diagnosis didn’t come until I was 30 years old.

When I graduated from high school, I went off to college to study musical theatre. I was a singer (but admittedly, not much of a dancer). At 19, CMT took away my voice. Vocal cord paralysis ended my dreams of singing on stage.

I never lost the passion for performing. I just had to find another stage. Over the last two years, I have built an online community through a mutual love of video games and a mutual need for a “safe place” to get away from our troubles.

Some of my viewers have chronic illnesses of their own. Others are fighting battles with anxiety/depression. Others are well. Together, we share shoulders to cry on and friends to laugh with.


Why video games?

I always loved video games. To me, it’s another form of art. Few things empower you like being able to play a character who can conquer their own world and fully dive into the story.

I started streaming on Twitch about a year before my diagnosis. Thanks to an encouraging cousin, my love for video games and for theatre merged — bringing all my previous experience into one place. I never dreamed it would become my career to play video games on the internet with a community and share the stories those games bring — and the story of what I have experienced. Fun, friendships, love for a good story, even trial-and-(mostly)-error all meeting in one place.


“I never lost the passion for performing. I just had to find another stage.”