TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour

Come ride with HNF for CMT awareness.

HNF has been fortunate enough to participate in the TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour as a charity rider. This means more participants riding to increase awareness of Charcot-Marie-Tooth, and thousands more dollars raised to fund research into treatments and a cure. Held the first Sunday in May, HNF Riders get VIP treatment, which includes breakfast and lunch as well as priority start, special bike parking at the start, and a Team CMT singlet.

Contact us to be a part of the TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour to ride with the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation. So dust off that Schwinn and meet us in the Big Apple!

“The Five Boro Bike Tour was a great way to fundraise for the collective good of CMT research and to bond with fellow CMT’ers, their families and friends. It was humbling in a sense, as I am well aware of the range of symptoms individuals with CMT of all types can present: so I was equally thankful that our little team made it. I would like to suggest that the CMT shirts have the term ‘Hills Suck’ blazoned across the back next year.” – Herbie Joe Rorke CMT1A Patient

“The Five Boro Bike Tour was such a great experience! A well-organized and well-supported event with good music and performers along the way and at the finish to keep you entertained. It’s also a great way to see the city and meet a lot of wonderful and inspiring people. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of Team CMT for this event—looking forward to doing it again next year!” – Kara Sprague Caregiver and Family Member