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Find the right healthcare provider for your unique needs.

Use HNF’sHealthcare Provider Directory to locate the right HCPs to meet your unique needs as a CMT patient. Our directory allows you to find a HCP in your area, narrowed down by specialty, without having to search the internet. The directory also includes access to ZocDoc, so you can read reviews and accepted insurance plans. 

*The Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation does not endorse or recommend specific health care providers or treatment centers.

 We strive to keep this directory as accurate as possible. You may encounter addresses, phone numbers, etc., that have changed. If this happens please contact HNF to update us.

Pain Management

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Elvis W. Rema, MD

Provider Type: Group Provider
Institution: Long Island Neurosurgical and Pain Specialists
Specialty Type:
  • Adult Care
  • Pediatric Care
Phone: 631-422-5371
Fax: 631-893-8012
1175 Montauk Highway, West Islip, NY, United States, Ste 6, New York, USA 11795
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