Foundation Leadership

Domenic Sturino Centric CEO

Kenneth Raymond

GRIN Data Curator


“In 2002, at the age of 29, Kenneth Raymond was diagnosed with Type 1 CMT. He received genetic confirmation with CMT1A the following year, sparking a lifelong passion for studying all things related to CMT. Today, Kenneth is an expert in CMT genetics and an expert in CMT-related respiratory impairment who is known for sharing his wealth of knowledge through his Experts in CMT website & blog, as an author, and as a CMT advocate who uses fact-based information rooted in the latest understandings of CMT to raise awareness about this disease.

For over 20 years, Kenneth’s been an autodidact, continually learning and growing his expertise in CMT, and now brings to HNF his knowledge and dedication to helping the CMT community. Currently pursuing an MS in Genetics, Cell, and Developmental Biology at Arizona State University, Kenneth’s passion for understanding and improving the lives of those who are living with CMT remains as strong as ever.”