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Mini FrittatasBreakfast is my favorite meal of the day!  Smoothies made with fruits, veggies and protein are my go-to in the morning – more on that later.  It is a rare occasion when I actually take the time to cook something in the morning and that is why I frequently eat breakfast for dinner – genius!  With this make-ahead recipe, though, I can quickly start my day by pulling a few of these “precious lil’ gems of goodness” out of the refrigerator and warming them up while I pour a glass of juice and cut up some fruit.  When I really set my mind to cooking in a more healthful way, I realize that it’s not about cutting things out but about boosting the flavor of the quality ingredients I’m using.  By simply taking the time to brown the red peppers and the onions before adding the fresh spinach, there is so much flavor that this recipe doesn’t need a lot of bacon or cheese.  Adding fresh herbs always helps, too.  So, get creative!  Try different types of meats, or no meat at all.  A variety of vegetables would work well in this recipe as well.  Whatever you do, don’t reserve them for the morning.  They work great in your lunchbox, or as a mid-afternoon snack, or a mid-night snack.  EnJOY! Click here for recipe