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Dating & Relationships

Dating, Relationships and Intimacy play major roles in the human experience. HNF understands the challenges many of us can encounter when CMT is added to the mix. That’s why we’ve created this page to share some our favorite discussions & resources on this important topic!


CMT-Connect Webinar

“Dating & CMT”


Join Estela & Amin as they discuss navigating online dating and relationships with CMT. Laugh and learn as they share dating app screenshots and practical tips from the “Dating Coach on Wheels” own playbook!

Mini Film



What goes through the mind of a woman living with Charcot-Marie-Tooth as she braves the world of dating? Producer & CMT patient, Becky E. shares her inner insecurities, fears and self dialogue with us in this comedic, edgy and raw exclusive mini film for HNF!


Free Film 

“Take A Look At This Heart”


A film about love, sexuality, and the human bond within the disabled community. A journey into the lives of 17 very unique people; some with disabilities and the partners who love them, others struggling to get by in a world that seems to often overlook them.

EmBrace It Podcast: Episode #5

Love & Disability – 5 Red Flags to Avoid

Finding love can be challenging and even more so when you have a disability. In this episode, Lainie & Estela share their thoughts on a listener’s online dating questions as well as 5 RED Flags to steer clear of when looking for a loving partner.



After much deliberation we decided to post this video in response to Dr. Phil’s recent comments regarding caregiving in interabled relationships. We felt compelled to bring a positive light to what he portrayed as a very negative situation. Dr. Phil may think that 100 out of 100 relationships involving caregiving fail, but we, and many more in our community, are proof he’s wrong! We are #1of100s that won’t fail.