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Little River Canyon, near Perry. Canyon is the largest east of the Mississippi.

Day 10: Little River Campground, Fort Payne, AL

A much needed several day respite in Alabama. I’ve been traveling almost every day, but for only a few hours each day. I can’t tolerate more than that.

The cumulative effect of my traveling has been much more than I ever anticipated. There’s been much pain in my hip and back, fatigue, and unrelenting headaches that I attribute to the stress of taking on a new lifestyle.

Most nights have been spent parked at truck stops and Walmarts. While this may not sound fun, there’s no cost and no hassle. With no electrical or plumbing hookups, there’s more than the usual replenishment water and propane, and waste disposal. My physical limits from CMT present many challenges, but folks readily offer up for their assistance when seeing my struggles getting around and using my crutches. Sometimes I decline out of stubbornness, wanting to fend for myself and not be reliant on others. I’m sure many of you can relate.

I’ve met some fascinating people and made some new friends, including Christian, who I picked up hitchhiking on route 81 in Greenville, VA. Christian (see my Instagram), a self described hippy, has been living on the road for eight years and is making his way to Oregon to start welding school. I had him stay the night on my spare bed so he wouldn’t have to sleep out in what was a very rainy night.

Christian finds my perseverance inspiring. I find him impressive not only for his street smarts, but for his intelligence, fortitude and good graces. He was very helpful and fortunately there to help me when, despite my crutches and braces, I fell into a candy display at Cracker Barrel.

Some people would not be inclined to do what I’m doing, trekking around in an RV by myself. But I really enjoy being on the road. It’s in our nature to be nomadic. Today I’m going to explore the area a little. In a day or two, I’m going to make my way to Birmingham and then to Montgomery before heading to Florida to visit some family and get some work done on my RV, including installation of a much-needed fan for my bedroom.