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Now thru December 31, 2021

Impact CMT2A Patients like Cassidy with our $100,000 CMT2A Match!

The path to discovering treatments for CMT is anything but a SINGLE path; rather, it is a series of multiple networks running along and intersecting each other, much like the nervous system in which it affects. 

Each type and mutation is unique in it’s own way and must be researched accordingly. However, a discovery for one CMT mutation can be a win for many others. Each new puzzle piece provides a clearer picture of CMT as a whole and lays the groundwork for future trials.

Your precious dollars will support the following Pathways: 

  1. Advance HDAC6 to clinical trials (Undisclosed Biotech)
  2. FDA Approved Function Drug Screening (Rarebase)
  3. AI Mobile App for Clinical Trial Development (CaptureProof)




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